The book and the proces

I have written a total of 28 chapters of the book about Jan van Boeckel and still have two to go – there is light at the end of the tunnel. It remains a challenge to stay as near as possible to all the facts I have gathered and weave them into an interesting story…

Although it is incredibly hard work, and I have sometimes needed to drag myself forward and at times wonder what on earth I am doing, I am enjoying nearly every minute of this fascinating proces. A proces that will end in a book that can offer an insight into Jan’s life and times and the choices he made. And show – through what he had to experience – how precious freedom and democracy are. I hope that the people  who are working along with me are enjoying this proces as much as I am. Thank you once more for all you do – you know who you are.

Next week I will be discussing the work with some of Jan’s closest living relatives. I will try to keep you posted on my progress…





7 thoughts on “The book and the proces

  1. In the mid sixties I travelled with my father Stan van Boeckel- the brother of Jan- to the concentration camps of Flossenburg Saal and Dachau to sort out where he died. I remember very well how my father gathered information on the spot to unravel what happened. For instance, initially he could not find what happened with him in Flossenburg, but it happened after asking half the village and putting some pressure that the major of Flossenburg could show him the books which the Germans used to collect tracking data of the prisoners e.g. died, transported etc, thus facilitating the next step of the quest. As my father kept Jan’s diaries and was very well informed and shared his search with his children very many times it may be considered to check some data with us…
    Best regards,
    Stan van Boeckel jr


    1. Hallo Stan, jij bent dus mijn neef. Gelukkig nieuw jaar! Dank voor de suggestie om met jou contact op te nemen, dat doe ik graag. Ik ben al bijna anderhalf jaar bezig met mijn zoektocht (7 dagen per week), in 3 landen. Ik zou je heel graag willen spreken als dat een keer zou kunnen. Ik heb de belangrijke leden van de familie, en vele andere al gesproken. En ben vaker naar België en Flossenbürg, Saal en Dachau geweest… Er zijn een aantal zaken waar ik nog vraagtekens bij zet, en misschien zou jij daar wat meer licht op kunnen schijnen. Graag dus! Wendy


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