The book and the proces

I have written a total of 28 chapters of the book about Jan van Boeckel and still have two to go – there is light at the end of the tunnel. It remains a challenge to stay as near as possible to all the facts I have gathered and weave them into an interesting story…

Although it is incredibly hard work, and I have sometimes needed to drag myself forward and at times wonder what on earth I am doing, I am enjoying nearly every minute of this fascinating proces. A proces that will end in a book that can offer an insight into Jan’s life and times and the choices he made. And show – through what he had to experience – how precious freedom and democracy are. I hope that the people  who are working along with me are enjoying this proces as much as I am. Thank you once more for all you do – you know who you are.

Next week I will be discussing the work with some of Jan’s closest living relatives. I will try to keep you posted on my progress…





7 thoughts on “The book and the proces

  1. Here is my tardy response as I’m not keeping up with the book along with much summer company at home, Not sure if my experience is pertinent for you. I’m 83, much of my audience is not wifi savvy. I live on the U.S. east coast, my memoir/biography focuses also on my west coast father’s experiences. I have a publisher/marketer in Seattle who has done research and management I couldn’t have managed from 3000 miles away. This is expensive but necessary in my case. Finding the right person to work with has been a slow process.

    Two very helpful and free contacts are 1) Digital Book World, which comes every Monday-Friday and 2) Jane Friedman every Sunday. Both contain a wealth of information on topics relating to publishing and marketing and the necessity of an online presence. Perhaps you already have similar contacts more pertinent to your area, although the internet allows worldwide contact.

    My memoir ranges all over the place.. Marketing works better on stories such as yours which are more focused. I expect your book to be a huge success!! What I have learned is that it takes time.


  2. I look forward to your book. I expect it will be even more dramatic than your blogs—hard to do! Your journey parallels mine which has been one of research into my parents, late 19th century North American immigrants. While they faced challenges, their stories ended with new lives, new opportunities, and growing clans. Not slow murder.
    Weaving personal history into the times brings one an understanding that is not always easy to convey. You do this.
    i’ve learned that writing a book is just the beginning as for 3 years I’ve faced publishing challenges. After many years my story will finally be published this fall or winter. I wish you sooner success!

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    1. Good for you Paula. Writing a book is very challenging, getting it published perhaps even more so. But you did it! Congratulations. If you have any tips to share please do.


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