Jan van Boeckel


This Quest has ended and resulted in the book: Lost – The Quest for Jan van Boeckel, published by mogromo publishers and launched on the 11th of February 2018. Read more about it here.

24th April 2018

My quest has come to an end.
I am finished,
I am done.

It has left me drained but fulfilled.

During the last phase of the quest I donated a copy of Jan’s story to several institutions in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany.


Finally, on the 21st and 22nd of April 2018, I offered copies of the book to the Consulate General of the Netherlands in Munich, the KZ-Flossenbürg memorial archives and the village of Saal an der Donau.

The latter two are the places where Jan was robbed of his life.

I also offered Jakob Haiblum, a survivor from the Saal concentration camp, a copy.


It is now 73 years since the liberation of these two concentration camps.

I hope that by donating a book to these historically burdened places people will come to learn more about this bit of Dutch history, as very little is known about the Schicksal of NN-prisoners in Bavaria.

This quest is now done and complete.

My part in this endeavour to make sure that Jan’s story will not be lost has been accomplished. I have made his story available in several countries.

It is now up to others to educate themselves and read.

It has been quite a journey.

Wendy van Eijnatten