Jan van Boeckel

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This Quest has ended and resulted in the book: Lost – The Quest for Jan van Boeckel, published by mogromo publishers and launched on the 11th of February 2018. Read more about it here.

From Holland to Bavaria – The quest for Jan van Boeckel is the true story about a brave freedom fighter who was arrested by the Nazis and branded a Nacht und Nebel prisoner. A concept thought up by Hitler and his cronies to subdue resistance activities in occupied countries, the Nacht und Nebel decree left deep wounds in many families in the occupied territories. Resistance fighters literally disappeared without a trace into night and fog – they were secretly deported to the Reich and never heard of again.

Jan van Boeckel – my uncle – vanished without a trace and never came back home.

Traces of his journey into the unknown were discovered by various family members in the more than seventy years since Jan died. Now, I am continuing their search and weaving together all the information available.

I am following Jan van Boeckel’s footsteps, a journey I started in September 2015. This journey has taken me to archives, historical locations and people in three different countries.  The progress I make is described in posts I publish on this blog. At the same time I am attempting to reconstruct his story in an offline novel, which I aim to finish in 2017.

Many people have helped in the search for Jan, and I have tracked down more clues to what he experienced than I ever imagined possible. The posts on my blog, mogromo.com, appear as my insight progresses.

The manuscript of a ‘memoir’

Jan van Boeckel 1943, just before he left on his journey from Holland to Bavaria. From which he never returned
Jan van Boeckel 1943, just before he left on his journey from Holland to Bavaria.

Introduction of the quest

The Quest: Hiding and Farewell (1942 – 1943)

The Quest: Running off  (1944)

The Quest: Resistance (1944)

The Quest: Prisons (1944/1945)

The Quest: Flossenbürg (1945)

The Quest: Saal an der Donau (1945)

The Quest: The van Boeckel family in Haarlem (1940 – 1945)
 The Quest: searching (1945 – now)

The Quest: Witnesses to the past

The Quest: Following Jan’s footsteps

 And there is more to come…