A year of questing

This is an episode in “the quest for Jan van Boeckel: From Holland to Bavaria

Exactly one year ago I began my quest for Jan van Boeckel. The journey started with a visit to the Dachau memorial – and I have been researching, traveling and writing ever since. Most of my time now goes into the book about Jan van Boeckel, which is why the blogs are few and far between.


It has been a whirlwind year with intense meetings, dusty archives, wild nature, heartache and joy. It is, however, a privilege to struggle on and try to grasp the remnants of a generation that is fading.

And a struggle it remains: I have met with dead-ends, obstructions, refusals to cooperate, negations of the past and often plain disinterest. It is a lonely path that I have chosen to walk —  generally people do not understand my passion to unearth this story about Jan and the urgency that is behind it.


At the same time I have been overwhelmingly welcomed and helped — frequently by total strangers — in so many ways. People who share information willingly and go out on a limb to invite me to gatherings or introduce me to sources. And a couple of wonderful beings who help me with writing and offer moral support. It has been — and still is — a crazy rollercoaster ride.

This weekend I returned from another eventful journey related to my quest. Franken was my goal: the beautiful wine district of Northern Bavaria. Then onwards to Saxony, Bohemia and the Bavarian Forest.

And once again luck was on my side: I met a researcher who shares my passion and with whom I can exchange valuable information. These meetings give me the courage to continue with my quest.


This is an episode in “the quest for Jan van Boeckel: From Holland to Bavaria

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