More than expected…

In the past couple of days so much information is coming in about my uncle Jan van Boeckel that I can just about keep up with reading and making sense of it, but am not yet able to write it all down.

Yesterday I had a very surreal visit with a friend of Jan van Boeckel who is now 90 years old. He has filled in all the gaps in my knowledge about the escape route to Belgium and the time spent with the Maquis in the Ardennes in 1944.

This morning I surprisingly received  very new information from the war archives: the statements made by the arrested Maquisards and the Miller after interrogation by the Gestapo. This included a statement by Jan van Boeckel himself.

And last but not least: A few days ago the prison archives sent me some documentation  including Jan van Boeckel’s registration  and health check done after he arrived  at one of the prisons in Germany.

In short – there is a lot waiting to be told. Watch this space!

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