Unstoppable Art

dsc_0252.jpgInspiration can not be halted, it lives a life of its own. Art goes where it intends to go. It was never my intention to write a novel. The book on Jan van Boeckel’s journey into the unknown and his family’s never ending search for him is writing itself. I have written many posts which I am rewriting into chapters, with even more inspiration for the rest. And there is a lot of material that needs to be addressed and read and researched. But that is all wonderful to do, and has a very natural flow.

I have now, however, reached a point where I do not know what I should already post and what I should not post. And whether I will be the only interested party in the end product. And that I will need proof readers, and how to go about that. Yikes! Creative crisis! Not of the inspirational kind, but of the apprehensive variety.

Does anyone have any sound advice?

11 thoughts on “Unstoppable Art

  1. Natuurlijk zijn er interested parties! Wat dacht je? Al waren die er weinig dan nog is het een ode aan de zoon van je oma, de broer van je moeder, een jong leven dat verloren is gegaan. Zijn verhaal vertellen omdat hij er ooit is geweest. dat alleen al is genoeg reden om dat boek te schrijven. Ik ben geen expert in boeken schrijven en zal je weinig advies kunnen geven, maar mocht je een proofreader nodig hebben, dan bied ik mijn diensten aan.

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  2. To do is, basically, not to do. Interesting? It is in fact true. Only yesterday I was wondering what to do next. I am busy thinking about what project to do next (after 2x Sale projects on Facebook). After deciding not to continue with the next project, it just started to flow. (ps it’s always like that). So forget about it now and think to yourself ‘I don’t have to do it, nobody is forcing me’ It will come, when time is right.


    1. Yes Daniel, that is so true, but sometimes the thoughts running around my brain, get the better of me. But I am now going to let go again and follow my inspiration. I’ll see where it leads, even concerning the practical issues. By the way, I always enjoy your SALE pics and quotes.


  3. You are not the only one who is interested, I think. Last weeks the Documentatiegroep 40-45, of which I am a member, gets frequently request of people for help in their investigations for their dad or brother, etc. To write down about the investigations and the results are worthful for others in 2 ways: 1. A lot of eyewitnesses have already passed away. This time is THE moment to write things down from historical point of view, but also to keep memories alive. 2. For other people it can be an example how to investigate things and the hard job it is, to do so. It can bring them to ideas. So, continue, I would say.


    1. I totally agree with you Leendert, both that this is one of the last moments to interview the war generation and that this research can help others along too. Those are actually both reasons why I started writing and posting, and why I continue to do so. Thank you for reminding me of that. I have indeed been contacted by searchers and have been able to help them along. the way.


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