Unstoppable Art

dsc_0252.jpgInspiration can not be halted, it lives a life of its own. Art goes where it intends to go. It was never my intention to write a novel. The book on Jan van Boeckel’s journey into the unknown and his family’s never ending search for him is writing itself. I have written many posts which I am rewriting into chapters, with even more inspiration for the rest. And there is a lot of material that needs to be addressed and read and researched. But that is all wonderful to do, and has a very natural flow.

I have now, however, reached a point where I do not know what I should already post and what I should not post. And whether I will be the only interested party in the end product. And that I will need proof readers, and how to go about that. Yikes! Creative crisis! Not of the inspirational kind, but of the apprehensive variety.

Does anyone have any sound advice?

11 thoughts on “Unstoppable Art

  1. If you are stuck or overwhelmed by the decisions of what to do next, just start, then the direction will come. I find that’s the case when I’m doing artwork. I start with an ok or not very good idea, and it develops into a better one. I am happy to proof read and yes I am interested in the story, (to answer your questions)

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    1. Indeed Tina, it will come naturally, as everything during this project has. I just have to trust that instinct. Thank you for the proofread offer! I don’t know when I will have something, but you are definitely on my proofread list. to show


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