Still going strong

My apologies that I have left you in the dark about my progress on the book about Jan van Boeckel these past three months. A book about my quest for my long lost uncle. Lost – the quest for Jan van Boeckel,

Progress was slow for a bit as it has been an enormous amount of work and there is a lot happening in the world… Although I was quite drained at the beginning of this year, I am now back on track. I do not have much time to keep you posted on a regular basis, but I will try to give you a quick up-date:

A visit to the town of Oisterwijk, together with some wonderful family members, gave me the boost I needed to once again apply myself and keep writing:  Oisterwijk was one of the places Jan stayed on his journey into the unknown. I wrote about it earlier: a marshy area in the south of the Netherlands.

The view Jan had from the house he stayed at on the Klompven in Oisterwijk. The large villa on the opposite bank as the location where German Air force officers were billeted.

It was fascinating to finally get the feel of the place I had written about so many months ago. And it was even more special to be there with relatives and visit important landmarks for my quest.

At the beginning of this year I unearthed even more documents and have taken my time to incorporate my findings into the manuscript. It is a painstaking proces but I am very happy with the result so far. Now I have started rewriting once again, and the editors are once more editing. I have one more important location to visit this summer, and then my quest will be complete and the book will follow.

Some of you have already shown interested in the final product. Anyone else who is interested in purchasing a copy, please let me know so that I can place you on the list. I will probably use the list to decide on the number of copies I will finally print.

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