Pilgrimage 3: If dunes could speak…

This is a very short note to my most loyal readers. There is not much time to write blogs during this pilgrimage. The chapters for the book about Jan van Boeckel are very slowly taking shape. In the mean time I’m literally gathering heaps of information. After visiting several places in Holland and meeting different family members even more puzzle pieces are falling into place, especially thanks to uncle J., uncle A. and aunty I-y. And a spontaneous visit with cousin A. brought me to places I needed to visit in Haarlem, including the dunes, all accompanied by inspiring conversation.

I’m off on to the next stage of my pilgrimage. ‘Till we meet again!

4 thoughts on “Pilgrimage 3: If dunes could speak…

    1. The dunes near Haarlem were used by the Nazis to execute resistance fighters from Haarlem. It is also a place where Jan used to go to meet up with friends and make his escape plans. So… If the dunes could divulge their desolate secrets I would know even more about the history…

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