A very surreal gathering

The streets of Frankfurt are alive with gatherings focused on IMG_4329politics or on fun. People take to the streets to advocate racism and then again to make a fist against it, for a pay-rise or against the financial system. And then there are the multitude of street events like the Alter Oper or Sachsenhausen street feest, or the Fressgassfest. But the one that brings politics and fun together is the Christopher Street Day weekend.

A colourful parade of demonstrators and party enthusiasts hit the street – a delightful mix of the ordinary and extraordinary. An array of topics pass by adorned in rainbow colours : gay refugees, the bars and cultural happenings, the right to marry (still not possible in Germany!), lesbian mothers, SM enthusiasts in lederhosen, left wing and liberal politics and  gay gardening to name a few.

IMG_4232The ensuing party on the Konstabler wache  is more of a standard street event with wurst and bier and much too loud music. But in a secluded corner a few streets down there is an alternative: a garden party at the former Nazi police prison Klapperfeld .This is the  Festival of Queer Resistance  – a gathering of people from all walks of life who are interested in more than food and glitter. An inclusive and welcoming crowd in a former place of extreme violence are the ingredients of a very surreal evening.

What are your thoughts?

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