A little bit of Eden – the Frankfurt botanical garden

Studying German grammar can become quite a challenge. My way of dealing with the associated boredom and frustration is learning in different locations. At the moment my favourite grammar place is another piece of Frankfurter Eden.

Behind the Palmengarten stretches the Botanical garden. Where the Palmengarten has the more exotic, cultivated and showpiece plants, the Botanical garden has natural plants and plantings. Consisting of a patchwork of miniature forests, grass and shrub land the place has a wilder look and feel.

Benches are interspersed in this diverse landscape. And so I study adjectives in the alpine meadow and definite articles in the beech forest. And whenever I need inspiration or liberation I escape to admire the medicinal and poisonous herb collections. Reciting Latin names like Ricinis communis or Lavendula augustifolia I then return to my German study books refreshed and ready for a new attempt at the impossible.

3 thoughts on “A little bit of Eden – the Frankfurt botanical garden

  1. Good for you…..maybe the beautiful surroundings did help. We’ll see how it goes with my German, but my knowledge of scientific botanical names will certainly improve…


  2. I once spent a few days in a beautiful setting one spring–but not as beautiful as yours–at a local convent during the weeks leading up to the National Counselor Exam. I walked around with my study materials and stopped at regular intervals to quiz myself. I confess I did feel a bit cheated. All I really wanted to do was bask in the beauty. I did well on the test though 🙂

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