One of the biggest wonders of Frankfurt is the Palmengarten

One of the biggest wonders of Frankfurt is the Palmengarten: A botanical paradise, a perfect oasis for a busy city. It breaths well-being and there must  be a group of dedicated gardeners working behind the scenes IMG_3926of this living splendor. Tasmanian ferns lead to African mangrove, prairie flowers to cactus deserts, rose gardens to blooming lilies.
On one special day each year the gardeners hold their breath. When the Light festival (Lichterfest) takes place the doors are thrown open for the general public seduced by adolescent dance parties, classical dancing sessions and pop/rock performances. And there, where no one is allowed to walk on every other day of the year, visitors place candles in large patterns on the lawnsFountain Palmengarten. The night is lit with thousands of lights. And the gardeners work overtime protecting the botanical gems of whose worth normal mortals have no inkling.

10 thoughts on “One of the biggest wonders of Frankfurt is the Palmengarten

  1. I have never been to Frankfurt yet, but will put it on my list. The botanic garden looks very beautiful. On what date/period is the lightfestival, will Try to be there next year!


    1. It usually takes place in the second week of June together with the Rosenfest when all the roses are blooming outside and there is a rose exposition inside. The Palmengarten is absolutely worth a visit. When you do visit do not forget to also visit the botanical garden which lies adjacent to it. (I also have a post on that)


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