Frankfurt in a nutshell: Abundance and need

Banks nestling in high rise buildings mirroring the sky – that is what  the Frankfurt skyline consists of. At its foot lies an extended network of interlacing streets with houses, shops and an abundance of lush trees. Traffic pours in and out of the city along a couple of busy arteries, leaving most other streets tranquil by comparison and at times even completely deserted but for a lone bicycle or pedestrian.wpid-dsc_4000-01.jpeg

A frequent  sighting in the Frankfurt inner-city landscape are the corporate dark suits and classic design skirts wheeling suitcases along the pavement with hurried, focused steps. Perhaps only stopping for a costly minute to pick-up this week’s set of shirts at one of the countless dry-cleaners. Nearly as abundant are the many ‘Obdachlosen’ – the homeless – ferreting  around in bins for ‘Pfand’ bottles in the shadier parts. Bottles that can be exchanged for 10 or 15 cents at the supermarket. That is Frankfurt in a nutshell : a city of bankers and beggars. The former has a need for time and the latter has an abundance of bottles.

2 thoughts on “Frankfurt in a nutshell: Abundance and need

  1. Well, to be more specific, you can get 25 cents for a bottle :p Frankfurt is truly a city of contrasts. But let’s not forget, between these black and whites are lots of greys also 🙂

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