delving for answers
prospecting perspectives
unearthing insights

mogromo listens. Listens to what moves people.
mogromo witnesses what was and what is.
mogromo tries to understand by delving, learning and unearthing.

mogromo works on Quests.
Quests are in depth pieces on subjects that matter.

mogromo’s quests are:
Lost – the Quest for Jan van Boeckel
Following the footsteps of Kathryn Hulme
– Women and the arts in and around Paris 1910 – 1940

mogromo published a limited edition of the book Lost – the Quest for Jan van Boeckel. A memoir that was never written. Proceeds of the book go to providing free copies to relevant people, libraries and archives in an attempt to prevent this piece of Dutch World War II history from becoming irretrievably lost.

Curious as I am, if you have any queries related to things I’m interested in, just drop me I line I might just find out the answer.

This is an adfree, sexismfree, racismfree, homophobiafree and in general hatefree space.

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  1. I’m so glad I connected to your blog — so much reading and everything so interesting to me. Your quests have my eyes at the present time. Your photos are the icing on the cake. I concur with your thoughts about the internet being a communal knowledge base.

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      1. I believe that is how I landed on your blog in the first place – your blogs on teaching philosophy in Palestine. Since I visited Israel (I did not make it to the Occupied Territories) I always search for inspiration and perspectives to try to make sense out of the complexity that Israel is. You have some fascinating posts.


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