Libraries and Archives

A copy of Lost – The Quest for Jan van Boeckel is now available at the following archives and libraries:

The Netherlands




15 thoughts on “Libraries and Archives

    1. Thanks for your interest. Yes, if you send me your address and use PayPal to pay the cost of the book (20.00 euro) + the mail costs (you live in Denmark I believe – 6.95 euro in that case) I will send the book to you.

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      1. I talked with my husband, and we would like to buy it. Please send your name and Paypal email address, and we will transfer the 27 euro.
        Our address is Henry and Maria Jorgensen,
        Engbjerg 42A, 7400 Herning Denmark


      2. Thank you so much for your book. Both my husband and I are reading it with great interest. Denmark was in a similar situation as Holland during the war and both my parents were at Jan’s age and highly influenced by WWII for the rest of their lives

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