The coolest spot

Today the temperature reached 40 degrees in my apartment and with all the Greek and European uncertainties floating around I needed some reprieve. And so I went in search of literally cool inner-city spots.

A path stretches along both banks of the city’s main river – which is actually called the river Main. With
in the central city parts this path broadens into a boulevard with trees and lawns. An ideal spot for some wind and shade.

The most fascinating outdoor cooling off spots in the city, however, are the Anlagen, a semi-circle of  linked parks.

Shaped by fortifications of times gone by this sequence of parks begins and ends at the riverbank. Several have a fountain, some a sunken garden or grapes growing over a Pergola. There are luscious lawns, stone benches and wooden tables and chairs. Parents play with their children, readers dive into their books, travellers rest weary legs, sunbathers languidly sprawl, chess games are played, strollers saunter and the homeless silently observe. And with your bike you can meandGarden of heavenly peace er through it all.

There is however one spot where your bicycle can not go. in the secret garden of the Bethmannpark. Just opposite the northern end of the Friedberger Anlage lies the Garden of Heavenly Peace. Founded in 1989 it got its name from the Tiananmen Square protests which occurred in that year. It is a place of tranquility, beauty and shade. The coolest spot in this German city is the Chinese garden.

2 thoughts on “The coolest spot

  1. Oh I love your city so much. I’ve never visited, but if ever I make the long flight from Australia, Frankfurt will be on the list of must visits. I’d really enjoy seeing these parks. 🙂

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